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Wine, Coconut Milk, or CrossFit? One Biohacker’s Quest to Improve His Cholesterol

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Lukáš Jirovský

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Lukáš Jirovský

Meet William Green

williamI’m a 44 year old father of two, husband of one and director of the E. O. Smith High School Depot Campus, a Big Picture school (www.bigpicture.org). I’m a former high school science teacher, research scientist, consultant, and entrepreneur working towards a better fit between education, life, and human nature. I enjoy exercise, hiking, beekeeping, winemaking, and blogging at depthofengagement.com.

[William’s testing results, health outcomes, and biochemical changes he shared here are unique to William, influenced through a number of factors. Through diagnostics, we know that our biochemistry is unique and health and wellness is not  “one-size-fits-all.” To receive recommendations based on your unique biomarkers, consult your PCP or book a consultation with any of our nutritionists, registered dietitians or physicians.]

The Why Behind the Experiment 

I’d had my cholesterol checked a few times before last year, and it was a bit high, but I wasn’t really concerned. True, I’d started the high fat “paleo/primal” diet in 2012, and I’d been wondering if all that meat and fat might affect my heart, but I also knew the research was mixed (see here and here, for example). So, I ignored it and kept eating as much bacon as I could. Continue reading

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