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WellnessFX, Thyroid Issues, and . . . Gluten Free?

credit: http://livefromlaquinta.com/

Personal trainer. Coach. Vegan. Debbie Woodruff has dedicated her whole life to fitness. Now, with much to celebrate as she nears her 55th birthday, she wants to take her health to the next level. She decided to get a WellnessFX Baseline blood-draw.

Debbie is no stranger to blood tests. But when she had one a year ago, she hardly received any context with her results. She spent precious time in front of a computer looking up what everything meant, and what levels were considered healthy. WellnessFX, on the other hand, supplied a “web page that, once your results come in, shows you the results of your tests, the healthy and unhealthy ranges, plus a link to explain each result.”

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