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Travel & Maintaining Healthy Habits

Planning a getaway can often be a stressful endeavor that requires a lot of time and careful coordination. While piecing together the logistics of travel is one thing, we worry that taking a trip also means taking a break but from our normal, healthy routines. Sometimes we find that when we take time off from our day-to-day lives, the “vacation” mentality takes over completely: we eat too much, we drink too much, and we potentially let our healthy habits slide.  However, taking the time to travel and break routines is necessary, and can be done without the added stress of disrupting your healthy lifestyle.

Next time you’re traveling, try these simple tricks to help stay on track:

Plan ahead: Nothing revives the mind, body, and soul like getting in touch with nature. Outdoor activities are often readily available and tend to be either free or low cost. Do some research about the terrain you will be on and contact your hotel’s concierge to arrange travel options to and from your activities. If working out outside is not an option where you are going, call a local gym and ask about their visitation policies. If you have everything figured out before you arrive, you’ll be much more likely to actually DO something once you get there.

Eat smarter: Make reservations ahead of time at restaurants that cater to your dietary needs. Once you have it on your itinerary, you can plan your day around it and not risk eating badly because of poor planning. Confirm with the hotel that there will be a refrigerator in the room, then commit to having the first stop on your trip be to the grocery store or local market. If you do not have access to a refrigerator, no excuses! Prepare for the busy day ahead by purchasing food to take with you each morning. Healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts will prevent that low-sugar crash and will carry you through to your next healthy meal.

Hydrate: Dehydration can lead to low energy and feelings of hunger, both of which will hinder your ability to stay on a focused regimen. You are going to get busy and you are going to be out of your element, but this does not mean you have to be thirsty. Bring a reusable bottle with you wherever you go and get into the habit of keeping it filled. Drink a glass of water as soon as you sit down at your table for a meal. Staying hydrated makes all the difference when it comes to healthy living, so there is never a reasonable excuse to let it slide just because you’re on vacation.

Let someone else do it for you: Whether your passion is ocean kayaking or mountain retreats, there are many organizations around the world that offer group trips. Spending a little extra cash to join a group activity takes some of the “thinking” out of it, and might be just what you need to guarantee a successful trip. With someone to guide you, you are sure to come back better, faster, and stronger than before you left.

Most importantly, allow yourself to have fun. Making the extra effort to prepare for your trip will go a long way. With a solid plan in place, you’ll feel healthy, energized and ready to take full advantage of your well-deserved vacation!

Ty Texidor is a San Francisco based CrossFit competitor and personal trainer, specializing in rehabilitation, sports specificity, and CrossFit style programming. She graduated with honors in 2001 with a degree in Sports Medicine, and carries numerous certifications in the field.  In 2012, she and her partner founded Destino Retreats, a company that provides hassle-free CrossFit style vacations in various locations around the world. 

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