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6 Superfoods You Might Not Have Heard About Yet

Wikimedia,  Glane23

Black Garlic! Wikimedia, Glane23

[This is a guest blog post from WellnessFX practitioner Sarah Brett. Sarah’s background can be found at the end of this post] 

They are a special category of foods that are low in calories and dense in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In order to build a healthy nervous system, digestive system, and a healthy skeletal system, you need such nutrients. These can be found in what are now popularly known as Superfoods

These Superfoods contain specific nutrients that we cannot prepare at home, but instead, can only benefit from by consuming the respective food. They are loaded with precious antioxidants which are needed to keep the free radicals at bay (free radicals, oxidative damage created when cells use oxygen).

There are certain Superfoods that can boost your metabolism, slow down the aging of cells, protect you against serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancerous diseases and other problems related to the immune system. Superfoods are rich in phytochemicals, good bacteria that protect your immune system, as well as antioxidants, which play a key role in fighting off the damaging processes of free radicals.

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