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WellnessFX Now Available in Massachusetts, Utah, and South Carolina!

Now Available In Massachusetts, Utah, and South Carolina. Click Here!

credit: Instagram @tonezbonez

credit: Instagram @tonezbonez

Big news at WellnessFX this week. We are making tremendous leeway on being available to as many people as possible and our latest openings are proof. WellnessFX is now officially available in Massachusetts, Utah, and South Carolina! We are happy to open our doors to these three states and look forward to changing lives by offering revolutionary services to our members!

If you’re new to WellnessFX, please take a few minutes to look over all we have to offer. There’s a lot!

  • As a welcome gift, we invite you to try our WellnessFX Annual Check-up for 40-60% off at only $29 ($49-79 value). This offer is only available until the end of the month!
  • WellnessFX Baseline is our flagship package. It offers over 30 cutting-edge biomarkers to give you a comprehensive overview of your health. Plus get $20 through the end of this month with coupon code “SUMMER20”. Combine it with a consultation from one of our exceptional practictioners, and you’ll be equipped to change your life.
  • Are you looking for even more insight into your body? Do you have specific goals for athletic performance or dealing with chronic conditions? Our Performance or Thyroid package may be for you!
  • Don’t take our word for it: see what others have to say about their WellnessFX experiences.

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