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WellnessFX – In The Palm Of Your Hand

Have you ever visited a health store and felt completely lost? All these wonderful looking vitamins and supplements, each with their own benefits. How do you choose? If only there was a way to have all the information at your fingertips . . .

Or maybe you’re at the doctor’s office and they want to prescribe you a certain medication. They need to take a blood-test first to check the health of your liver. But you had your blood drawn with WellnessFX just last week! Gosh, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could just pull up your results on your phone?

Well, you can.

Earlier this year, WellnessFX released its first iPhone app. Not only does it allow our customers to see their test results, track your personal diagnostics over time, and view practitioner recommendations, but it contains a plethora of information on various vitamins and supplements.

One of our members recently made a ‘Top 5 Apps for Losing Fat/Weight’ list. Guess who made the cut? Here’s what he had to say:

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