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The Rebooted Body Interview With WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean – Part I

Want to learn more about WellnessFX? Who better than from the man who started it all: CEO Jim Kean. He recently sat down with Kevin Geary of the Rebooted Body to discuss the WellnessFX process, the variety of panels we offer, and the current healthcare revolution to take control of your own health data.

The Rebooted Body is an online program that helps you reach your fitness goals through natural, holistic methods. They upkeep a regular and informative blog and podcast to share health news, tips, and methods for leading a healthy life. We are very grateful for the opportunity to discuss how we’re setting out to change preventive medicine and hope you take the time to check out the Rebooted Body’s awesome platform!

The interview is long (a whole hour!) so we’re splitting the summary into three parts. Today we’re talking about the background of WellnessFX. In parts two and three, we’ll dive into the various panels you can choose from and how WellnessFX is trying to improve the system.

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