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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Fall Fruits & Vegetables in Season

Credit: Wikimedia, Jean-noël Lafargue

Credit: Wikimedia, Jean-noël Lafargue

Summer produce season is long gone (boooooo) but the fall is ushering in some tasty fruits and veggies that can help keep you healthy and thriving, and maybe even pass on that cold that’s about to go around. (when isn’t it?)

To get the full scoop, we liked this handy seasonality chart from CUESA, since we’re in Northern California, but if you’re not a neighbor of ours, you can use Epicurious’ Peak Season Map (which is really cool) – it lets you pick where you are the the month you’re in, since every region differs.

We’ve picked a few of our faves below that are generally available in the fall, along with a couple of simple recipes that can help you incorporate them into meals and snacks. Happy munching! Continue reading

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