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7 Answers To Your Sports Nutrition Questions With Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Tri RunningLast month personal trainer and fitness expert Ben Greenfield joined WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean to discuss the cutting-edge strategies about how food, lifestyle and supplement support can reduce inflammation and heal the body more quickly while you’re training for your next event. It was an awesome Webinar, and if you missed it you can catch the full video here: Damage Control: How To Be Extremely Active Without Destroying Your Body.

Naturally, an hour wasn’t enough time to cover all your questions, but that doesn’t mean they went unheard! Ben Greenfield was kind enough to offer very detailed responses to topics about sleep, sports nutrition, vitamins, and aging. So much, in fact, we had to split it into two posts! Below you’ll find 7 questions and answers relating to sports nutrition. Keep a lookout for part two, coming soon!

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