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Ross Pelton on What Women Need to Know about The Pill


Because of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate, birth control is more accessible than ever, with contraception being covered by most health insurance companies, sans cost-sharing.

Credit: http://naturalpharmacist.net/

Credit: naturalpharmacist.net/

Among the various contraceptive choices, the pill is one that has come under scrutiny, as it is a hormonal method of contraception.

Ross Pelton is The Natural Pharmacist and a WellnessFX practitioner who is passionate about women’s health. His new book, The Pill Problem, teaches women how to mitigate the side effects from birth control pills. After writing The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, Pelton was amazed to find that oral contraceptives deplete more nutrients than any other class of commonly prescribed drugs, creating a startling amount of side effects, including: Continue reading

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