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Guest Post: Should You Get Your Thyroid Tested?

credit: iStock @hartphotography1

credit: iStock @hartphotography1

One of the growing epidemics in the U.S. is a disease called hypothyroidism. The thyroid is an organ that influences and inevitably controls every aspect of our being. In light of its critical role, it may come as a shock that as many as 50% of the more than 25 million people with thyroid problems remain undiagnosed.

The word “thyroid” comes from the ancient Greeks and appropriately means, “shield.” The thyroid gland not only shields the body from wearing down from stress and disease, but also serves as the major catalyst for stimulating energy, muscle growth, and a clear and sharp brain. A poorly functioning thyroid, for example, will interfere with exercise by either eliminating the possibility of building muscle or causing you to cancel your workouts altogether. As for keeping off the pounds, despite hours in the gym and low caloric intake, the body will be unable to lose weight. Even under otherwise ideal performance, the body will not be able to burn fat when the thyroid slows down. All in all, how the thyroid functions either makes or breaks performance in all areas of your life.

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