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Trailblazing Thursdays: Debunking the ‘Smaller, More Frequent Meals’ Myth

credit: Instagram @swazy69

credit: Instagram @swazy69

For many people, the road to eating well begins with a common practice: snacking. We hear that the traditional three meals per day is not at all ideal for weight loss; 5-6 smaller meals instead will curb your hunger and rev up the metabolism.

A popular metaphor is to think of the body’s metabolism like a fire. If you try to start a fire with a big, fat log you probably won’t get very far. The key is to get the fire nice and hot by feeding it twigs, dry leaves, and small branches. Then, when you put on the heaviest piece of wood, the blazing inferno will eat it right up. It’s the same with food. If you eat just a few large meals per day, your metabolism will be sluggish. Give it many small meals instead and the body will be more than ready to become a calorie-burning machine when you sit down for that monster dinner.

Makes sense, right?

But we must remember the body isn’t that simple. Metaphors are nice, but just because they make sense doesn’t automatically mean such a complex system will automatically follow its rules.

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