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Swap Outs, Tips & Tricks for Healthier Lunches

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, US Embassy Canada

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, US Embassy Canada

September is upon us and the push for healthier lunches is prevalent, from the school lunch line to the workplace cafeteria. Why? Because more and more, we are realizing that the contents of our food matters – from hidden sugar to food additives, and even how it affects our mood.

While a popular opinion is that there is a pre-determined range of calories one should aim to fuel their bodies with and use to manage their weight, this opinion is controversial. With this approach, our complex bodies have been reduced down to sheer math regarding nutrition, reasoning that “calories in, are calories out.” When it comes to optimal health – metabolic, cardiovascular, liver, kidney, bone, and blood –  this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The quality of your food matters.

When it comes to re-imagining your lunches (or any meal, really) for the benefit of your health and wellbeing, a big change can be overwhelming. Large adjustments have the potential to be difficult to adopt all at once – but small changes can lead to healthy habits over time that are sustainable.

Lunch: A few small changes you can make

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