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KIND Snack Bars Under Scrutiny – Here’s What We Think the FDA Completely Overlooked

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Arthur Hsu

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Arthur Hsu

If you’ve ever ransacked a grocery or convenience store shelf for a quick snack, chances are you’ve seen KIND bars. Their packaging, complete with clear plastic windows, messages transparency in ingredients, while the labeling and marketing touts the bar as a healthy choice.

As it turns out, recent scrutiny in the form of a letter from the FDA has called out that four of KIND’s bars do not comply with FDA requirements regarding the amount of saturated fat content found in a “healthy” product and therefore cannot bear the “healthy” label or marketing speak.

According to the FDA, in order for a product to be labeled “healthy,” it must have fewer than one gram of saturated fat per serving. The saturated fat content in KIND bars are as follows: Continue reading

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