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Yours Truly Does WellnessFX

_IAP8989Blogger. Novelist. Student doctor. Husband. Health freak. Nature-lover. That’s me.

You might not think you know me, but unless you’re new to the blog (which is great: welcome!), we’ve met before. I’ve been writing for WellnessFX since last August and have brought you testimonials, health news, exciting updates, and button-preserving recipes to get you through the holidays alive. So, yeah – we’ve met.

I’ve long been interested in health, fitness, and writing and I landed the perfect opportunity of contributing to the WellnessFX’s media team shortly after sending off my applications for medical school. I’ll be attending the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the fall. I’m truly excited about taking what I’ve learned about preventive medicine during my time with WellnessFX and applying it in my professional career.

Now that we’ve been formerly introduced, I have a story to share. It’s time for my draw. This is the WellnessFX experience. Uncensored and uncut.

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