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WellnessFX Earns Nutrition Business Journal’s Innovation Award

credit: iStock @aluxum

credit: iStock @aluxum


At WellnessFX, we like to think we embody the word. In a year’s time we’ve brought trackable wellness to thousands across America. We continue to expand, both in geography and in customizability (our new Performance Panel, for instance!). Yes, innovator is definitely a label we wear proudly.

It’s nice to see we’re not the only ones who think so.

The Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) received 300 nominations from the public at the end of 2012 to honor companies tackling America’s health problems head-on in their annual Business Achievement Awards issue. From those, WellnessFX was selected for the Innovation Award. The recognition came with a full write-up in NBJ, featuring an exclusive interview with WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean.

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