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Chilling the Fat Away

credit: Instagram @_haiibeautiful

credit: Instagram @_haiibeautiful

Have you ever delighted at the idea of working out in a hot gym or on a sunny, sweltering day because of all the extra calories you can imagine sweating through your pores? Or maybe you’ve sat for long periods of time in a sauna after a workout? Soaked in a hot bath to loosen up the muscles?

We aren’t knocking these methods, as heat exposure promotes blood flow to your skin, which can help with muscle repair and relaxation. But what if we told you cold showers, working out in the snow, and ice baths could be just as useful, if not more-so?

Do we have your attention? Good. Self-experimenter Tim Ferriss and popular personal trainer Ben Greenfield have both delved deep into cold thermogenesis over the past couple year. Each has incorporated various techniques into their regimens. An interesting trivia fact first led Tim Ferriss down the road of cold exposure: at a time, Michael Phelps was known to eat 12,000 calories per day. How was that possible, considering he’d have to swim continuously for 10 hours every single day to burn off that kind of intake? Then it hit him: Michael Phelps spent 3-4 hours a day in the water, which is 24 times more thermally conductive than air. His body was burning all those calories just to stay warm.

If he can, why can’t we?

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