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5 Mobility Biohacks to Improve Your Morning Routine (+ a 4 step plan)

Roll Out Your Feet (option 1)

Courtesy of Hunter O’Brien

[This is a guest blog post contribution by Hunter O’Brien. More information on Hunter is below.]

It is not new news that exercise is an important factor of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re in some sort of physical practice, be it CrossFit, yoga, or endurance training, and   are looking to upgrade your performance, enhance your longevity, and get in touch with the physical, it could be helpful to ask what type of movement are you doing (or not doing) during the rest of your day. – After all, there are only so many HIIT trainings and Vinyasa classes you can attend. The rest of your day is dedicated to work, family, and all the other things life throws at you.

We are wired for movement, and as humans, we have evolved to move all day long. It is just as much a part of our personal biology as eating well and having healthy relationships.

While it is certainly unrealistic to consider carrying around a kettlebell in your purse, and too much “intense exercise” is detrimental to the body, that does not mean you have to save movement for the gym hour! Here are 5 movement and mobility strategies you can include in your morning routine to jump start your day. Just like a green juice or a Bulletproof coffee, you can consider them as nutrition….movement nutrition, if you will. Like many other biohacks, they will help you enhance your productivity and mental clarity, and add to the pursuit of your human potential. They might even help you improve a few biomarkers. Continue reading

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