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Guest Post: Back to our Roots – Paleo Style

credit: Instagram @justmeannettet

credit: Instagram @justmeannettet

Courtney Jonson, L.Ac. is a preventative healthcare practitioner and is available for WellnessFX consults in California. Visit her site here.

Are you familiar with THE PALEO DIET?  

There is good reason that a paleolithic diet may serve you.  Let me back up and explain. The paleolithic diet is based on the principle that we should be eating the same foods that our ancestors ate thousands and thousands of years ago. Why? There has been a dramatic change in our food over the past fifty years and while our DNA and our biology has changed very little, these changes in our food supply has led to an ever increasing rate of obesity, chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, and especially food-related reactions.

Our ancestors developed a certain biology to accommodate the foods that were available to them. For thousands of years they ate in much the same way; relatively little changed in their diet. The diet consisted of wild game, root vegetables, and berries. The result?  Our ancestors were lean, fit and free of chronic disease. Today, we no longer eat the same foods that our ancestors ate, and we are no long lean, fit or free of chronic disease.

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