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8 Reasons Why You Need to Retest Your Blood


Flickr Creative Commons, H is for Home

What do the following statements have in common?

“20 Superfoods you need to be eating.”
“30-days to stellar abs.”
“Eat these foods and never diet again.”
“Lose your belly with just two exercise moves.”
“The simple thing you can do to lose weight in the morning”

Other than coming from popular fitness magazines, there’s one commonality that is most often overlooked: These hint at a one-time engagement equating a final and complete result that needs no follow-up.

With so many fitness magazines touting advice that smells of not-so-thinly-veiled absolutes, its easy to lose sight of the fact that health is an ongoing journey that requires maintenance and constant assessment.

While having the data is a large piece of the puzzle when it comes to your biomarkers, what you do after receiving the data is crucial, in order to see meaningful change. One of those actions? Continue reading

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