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7 Low-Budget Hacks to Encourage Healthier Food Choices at Work

Flickr Creative Commons, JD Hancock

Flickr Creative Commons, JD Hancock

Many companies have been snapping up the latest wearables and platforms in the name of corporate wellness. While the efforts are admirable and have good intention behind them, it’s important to give thought to whether or not these point solutions are being launched within an actual culture of health within the workplace. According to a survey done by AON Hewitt, employees in companies with strong cultures of health, 75% feel they have control over their health, with 77% having participated in a wellness program.

Consider the common areas within a workplace – namely, the cafeteria and break rooms. These places are not only a central hub for chit chat and down time, but they’re a welcome pause in the day, a place to get nourishment, and refresh haven before tackling a new project.

With these communal, high traffic areas in mind, it’s time to ask a few questions: Continue reading

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