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Think it’s Gluten? It May Not Be, Say New Studies involving FODMAPS (Plus Learn What a FODMAP is)


Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, funadium

A recent NPR article about wheat vs. gluten sensitivity caught our eye – specifically the acronym FODMAP. The term has received a lot more attention lately, as a food sensitivity culprit that’s commonly mistaken for gluten intolerance.

The gluten-free movement (other than becoming all-too advantageous for some food marketers) is prompting more discussions around food sensitivities and the need to understand more about what’s in our food. Naturally, we welcome the conversation when it comes to education and empowering people to make more informed choices.

Because we believe health should be easy to understand (some are still trying to figure out what gluten really is), below is a simple Q&A guide to FODMAPs so you can add an acronym to the brain and never be left out of the discussion at the cool lunch table again. Continue reading

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