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The Truth About Chocolate and How You Actually Benefit From It

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, On Eyes Photography

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, On Eyes Photography

Junk food is a slow killer. It’s making you diabetic, raising your blood pressure, and threatens to shut down your heart before the age of 50. No one really argues with how important diet is to long-term health. You are what you eat.

The question is, then: What is junk food?

Think about five foods you consider junk. Was chocolate one of your choices?

Should it be?

More and more we are learning that it’s less the what of the food we eat, but the how in the way it’s prepared. A hamburger from McDonald’s is bad, but what about a homemade grass-fed burger with gluten-free bread, and organic cheese? French fries are the worst, right? How about some sweet potato strips baked to a crunchy crisp in the oven?

Maybe it’s time to have another look at chocolate. While a Snickers bar a day won’t keep the doctor away, could this ‘guilty pleasure’ food be misunderstood?

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