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Guest Post: Understanding Chronic Inflammation

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“But doctor, I don’t understand. I still feel sick.”

I hear this all the time in my office. A new patient comes in with complete blood work, a recent physical, medication and/or a supplement regimen, yet they still feel sick. Why? According to current research, the cause of their ailments may lie just beneath the surface of their standard blood work. If certain components of their health aren’t analyzed and addressed, it’s likely they’ll never reach their full health potential.

So what’s the underlying problem? Inflammation. Now, I’m not talking about when you do a hard workout or twist your ankle.  Most of these symptoms are related to acute inflammation: redness, swelling, loss or motion.  I’m talking about a chronic low-level inflammation throughout the body that can be the underlying cause of fatigue, weight gain, high cholesterol or more advanced conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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