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Guest Post: Juliet Starrett’s Experience

We often hear praise from our customers for the WellnessFX platform changes people’s lives, but this time we saved someone’s life. Juliett Starrett, recounts her experience. Juliet Starret is a CrossFit athlete and the co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit.

Since receiving a blood transfusion with the birth of her first child, Juliet Starrett had ongoing health problems. Ongoing fatigue, chronic headaches, and two-months of a cold were noted as temporary by doctors and to be cured with antibiotics. As a health conscious individual and a competitive CrossFit athlete, Juliet had never experienced these symptoms before in her life. Despite the doctors’ prescriptions, Juliet’s situation kept deteriorating – she was surviving the day with 8 cups of coffee, her athletic performance was waning and her sleep was fitful.

Seeking a more meaningful and comprehensive diagnosis, Juliet began researching the growing field of biomarker testing, noting only the executive program available at the Mayo clinic for $10k with lower priced options possessing only a small fraction of the information she needed. Luckily, she met Jim Kean in the summer of 2011 who introduced her to WellnessFX.

With the WellnessFX platform, Juliet finally found a number of answers explaining why she was experiencing chronic fatigue and general ill health. For example, her ferritin levels – testing optimal levels of iron in blood – were chronically low at 5 when they should be around 25-35, an indicator of low energy. Her homocysteine levels were high – resulting in an array of increased heart and brain health risks, such as Alzheimer’s. Her Vitamin B12 and D levels were also in the high-risk range, resulting in her current fatigue and putting her at risk for future health issues.

Juliet and her care team put together a treatment plan which included supplements, diet changes and lifestyle suggestions. Over the course of a few months, Juliet saw marked changes. She had better sleep, more wakeful days, cut down her coffee use to only a cup a day. More importantly, she returned to peak performance as an athlete with her exercise capacity and workout recovery time significantly improving. She just felt better all day.

“WellnessFX saved my life,” says Juliet. “Without it, I would have struggled through more specialists, different drug treatments, and continued fatigue and ill health. Now, I’m in control to optimize my health.”

Juliet’s control over her health can be seen in the dramatic improvement of her biomarkers in just six months, which she thanks her wellness team for providing a plan which fit her health goals.

Juliet showed significant improvement between draws in significant red cell biomarkers, moving many of her red markers into green zone.

Her homocysteine levels fell dramatically over the course of several months, in part influencing her recovery times for workouts.

Juliet’s Mean Cell Hemoglobain, an indicator of anemia, drastically improved over 6 months. Juliet could not only feel herself improving over time, she could see the impact at a biological level.

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