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Guest Post: Your Symptoms Are Not The Problem

credit: Instagram @caitlanm14

When I was in medical school, I spent my summers working for a stonemason. By the end of each summer I had thick, grizzly calluses on my hands. The cause was clear: continual irritation to the area led the body to adapt by thickening the skin in order to prevent repetitive damage. Calluses did not attack me and they did not occur over night.

Chronic diseases occur in the same way. They are the result of the body’s own adaptive physiology straining to react to a continual stress over time. Dis-ease is a state of not being at ease or balance. Chronic dis-eases, such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, etc. do not occur over night, but are a process of time. The effects accumulate and eventually cause symptoms.

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