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2 Things You Can Do That Actually Impact Your Weight Loss Goals – And the Myth Holding You Back












[This is a guest blog post contribution by WellnessFX practitioner Dr. Warren Willey. More information on Dr. Willey is below.]

How are your New Year’s Resolutioners are still going – strong? Given the size of the crowd in the health club I go to, my guess is that the masses are diminishing. Why is that?

I am sure your efforts were good. Your schedule bowed to make room for exercise. Your diet changed in one way or another, but your goals are just not being reached as quickly as you hoped, if at all.

It’s easy to blame yourself when thinking about the M&M’s you grabbed at work, or that evening you were just too pooped to make food from your healthy menu and instead settled for something from a box. Maybe you are telling yourself you did not exercise hard enough?  Maybe you were excited at first because the scale started to change with your efforts, but then that #$%@ scale stalled or even started climbing again?

By now, you have either thrown in the towel or are seriously considering it. If you have, go grab it and get back in the fight.  If you are thinking of quitting, don’t! Let me give you some reasons you should continue, and why things have stalled. Most importantly – what you can actually do about it. Continue reading

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