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WellnessFX Is National – Now Available in 46 States!

credit: Instagram @aselbolat

credit: Instagram @aselbolat

WellnessFX has expanded! We are now able to offer affordable blood-testing and expert consultations to more than 4,000 locations nationwide in 46 states and Washington D.C. Chances are, you’re just a short drive, train ride, or walk away from changing your life.

How is this possible? We recently partnered with the world’s largest producer of diagnostic testing. We are very happy to enter into this next phase and bringing wellness to a national member base.

WellnessFX has been gearing up to go national for months now. Our wildly popular low-cost e-Checkup more than doubled our user base, and we’re ready to serve an even greater number of people who are frustrated with today’s healthcare. The wellness revolution is just beginning.

“The lab expansion comes at a critical inflection point for our company, enabling us to support the explosive demand.”

-Jim Kean, CEO

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