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Artificial Sweeteners and Gut Health: Are They Linked?

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

Taste without the calories – is this a dream come true? For food marketers, yes. But if you’re a consumer interested in living a healthy lifestyle, not so much.

An average consumer mindful of calories may often opt for artificial sugar that are baked into protein bars, sprinkled in their coffee, or a part of their daily diet soda habit. Artificial sweeteners are regulated by the FDA, and defined by the Mayo Clinic as any sweetener that you use instead of regular table sugar (sucrose). Artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter – anywhere from 40 to 8,000x sweeter – than regular sugar.

Artificial sugars can be found in just about any grocery store shelf item, from chewing gum and cookies to sports drinks and soda. Typically the products are marked as “sugar-free,” or “diet.” Some foods contain multiple forms of these sweeteners to either lower the calorie/sugar gram count in their nutrition facts labeling or to maintain structure or shelf stability.

Credit: Flickr creative commons, m01229

Artificial sweeteners are typically found in the products marked as “sugar-free.” | Credit: Flickr creative commons, m01229

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