How Much Can The Body Take? Ben Greenfield Looks To Find Out

As you may already know, the wildly popular Wildflower triathlon festival kicks off on May 3 – just a couple of weeks away. And a special feature new to this year is Wildflower Squared (WF2) – the ultimate, slightly insane challenge of completing the long distance triathlon (1.2 m swim, 56 m bike, 13.1 m […]

How To Recover From Your Workouts As Fast As Possible – Beyond Nutrition with Ben Greenfield

From post-workout proprietary blends of fancy carbohydrates and protein… …to special supplements like proteolytic enzymes, anti-inflammatory herbal cocktails, and essential amino acids… …we’re taught time and time again to stuff our faces with foods, pills, capsules, powders, and liquids to fully enhance workout recovery. But believe it or not, there are other strategies you can […]

Ben Greenfield’s “Become Superhuman” With WellnessFX Practitioner Dr. Justin Mager

Two weeks ago Ben Greenfield held his star-studded Become Superhuman live event in Spokane. While all the festivities are over, its spirit and vast knowledge lives on! In addition to being able to purchase an All-Access Pass to recordings, people can check out copious amounts of pictures, highlights, and invaluable health and fitness advice on […]

Ben Greenfield On Supplements, Sleep, and Joint Health

Last week personal trainer and fitness expert Ben Greenfield very generously supplied us with detailed answers to your questions from an awesome Webinar (Damage Control: How To Be Extremely Active Without Destroying Your Body.) He gave so much information that we split it into two parts. Check out last week’s post to see what Ben had […]

7 Answers To Your Sports Nutrition Questions With Ben Greenfield

Last month personal trainer and fitness expert Ben Greenfield joined WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean to discuss the cutting-edge strategies about how food, lifestyle and supplement support can reduce inflammation and heal the body more quickly while you’re training for your next event. It was an awesome Webinar, and if you missed it you can catch the […]

Shoe-Shopping For Fitness + Barefoot Running With Ben Greenfield

How many of you own just one pair of workout shoes? And for those who own multiple, are they the same kind? Just have one around for backup? Unless you do one type of exercise, you may be selling yourself short. Not all shoes are created equal; the ‘best’ shoe really depends on what you’ll […]