Ben Greenfield Webinar

How To Be Active Without Destroying Your Body

Join Ben and Jim as they discuss the cutting-edge strategies about how nutrition, recovery, and smart training can help you improve your performance without negatively impacting your health. Check out Ben’s bonus video for tips and tools we may have missed.

In these videos you’ll learn:

  • How to replenish your body’s hormones and energy systems after hard training
  • When to eat carbs to maximize performance and minimize health issues
  • Smart training approaches to gain strength and power without injury
  • How to minimize damage to your heart when training at high volumes

Event Panelist:

Ben Greenfield – Ben is a health, fitness, and performance expert who coaches individuals around the world for weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, and sports performance.
Moderated by Jim Kean (WellnessFX CEO) – With a deep-seated dedication to human health potential, performance and nutrition, Jim co-founded Sapient Health Network in 1995. The business later became the consumer-facing platform of WebMD. Jim has leadership experience in the areas of finance, health, and hospitality, filling roles as entrepreneur, executive and venture capitalist.

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