“Am I Overtraining?” What this Performance Nutritionist Learned Through Blood Testing.

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Meet Kyla Channell, a 29-year old Performance Nutritionist from California. When she’s not gardening or hiking with her dog, she loves to listen to crime podcasts and spend time with

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family and friends. She currently manages and maintains her health with frequent blood tests and supplementing as necessary. Her diet consists of whole, unprocessed foods and exercise 3-6x/wk with a combination of activities like mountain biking, Bikram yoga, strength training, trail running, and swimming.

WellnessFX: What’s typically top of mind for you when it comes to your health and wellness?

Kyla Channell (KC): How to maintain my health for the long term. How to minimize colds, likely from overtraining. How to improve or maintain a healthy body composition.

WellnessFX: What are you most interested in learning with a WellnessFX Baseline test?

KC: I’m looking forward to seeing where my markers are at, what needs improvement and how I can manage those improvements via nutrition and exercise.

Kyla’s WellnessFX Results

WellnessFX: What’s the most surprising thing you learned about results after receiving them?

KC: I noticed my hemoglobin was just slightly into the high range. I did have my blood drawn at the peak of a sinus infection and also 5 days before the start of my menstrual cycle, I’m curious if these factors contributed to that or if I should cut back on my red meat intake, which is currently only 2-3x/month.

Shared with permission from Kyla Channell

KC: My new goal would be to re-test and see where my hemoglobin and CRP is at now that I no longer have a sinus infection and see if I do need to make changes to correct those elevated markers.

Shared with permission from Kyla Channell

** Biochemistry Break**

Why is hs-CRP important?

hs-CRP is one of the best indicators of inflammation. To read more about hs-CRP check out our blog post on the 3 Reasons You Need to Be Tracking hs-CRP 

** back to Kyla**

WellnessFX: Anything else you’re interested in learning more about?

KC: I am always curious about my hormones, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, SHBG, cortisol, and thyroid as I have had low testosterone, cortisol and thyroid markers in the past, but these all appeared normal this time around so that’s great news! [these biomarkers are found in the WellnessFX Performance and Premium Panels]

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What’s Next For Kyla

WellnessFX: Any changes or new habits are you going to integrate into your life in order to reach optimal health?

KC: I think I will be incorporating more rest days especially as I approach my menstrual cycle to minimize the likelihood of getting little colds that stall training progress and adaptations and potentially decreasing my red meat intake.

WellnessFX: Would you use WellnessFX again?

KC: Yes, the blood draw to when I received my results was so fast! I think it took less than 48 hours, compared to my doctor’s office which can sometimes take up 2 weeks! It’s a quick, affordable way to get your blood markers tested and tracked over time to improve your health.

WellnessFX: Would you recommend WellnessFX to friends, family or even clients?

KC: Absolutely. I work with professional and competitive triathletes and endurance athletes, I think that with their level of training it is really easy to push their bodies to a destructive place. If they could get frequent blood markers tested they could constantly be evolving with their training output to improve their health through each stage of their racing season.

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[Kyla’s testing results, health outcomes, and biochemical changes were shared here with permission from Kyla.]

How WellnessFX Can Help

Regular blood screening is crucial for understanding your training, tracking progress, and measuring your associated risk, to hopefully prevent a problem before it becomes a problem. Once you have the information, you can make educated, informed choices that fit your body’s specific and unique needs, from nutrition and lifestyle changes to hormone and risk monitoring.

The specific testing package Kyla used is the WellnessFX Baseline panel, which includes over 45 biomarkers. The WellnessFX Baseline panel includes everything in our e-Checkup, with a closer look at liver and kidney health, vitamins and electrolytes, inflammation, and more

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