The 8 Most Popular Health and Fitness Topics For WellnessFX in 2016


We took a step back to take a 30k foot view of the WellnessFX blog and noticed what folks that are getting serious about owning their health enjoyed reading and learning most about. 2016 brought some specific topics front and center for our blog visitors, so let’s dig in!

The 8 Most Popular Health and Fitness Topics for WellnessFX in 2016

1. Magnesium

Did you know that magnesium plays an important role in mitochondrial function? It also  relates to exercise performance by ensuring your muscle cells have the highest oxidative capacity (ability to produce ATP or “energy”) possible. WellnessFX readers were interested in the consequences of magnesium deficiency that are not strictly related to mitochondrial function, as well as learning why over half of the U.S. population is deficient, in this blog post.

2. Mineral Deficiencies

While the best way to know your mineral and vitamin levels is to take a blood test, that didn’t stop readers from wanting to learn more about mineral deficiencies and their potential warning signs. Visit this list to read up about signs of 7 mineral deficiencies.

3. Workout Everything

When it comes to the physically active, obstacle course racers and weekend warriors, they want all the knowledge. Whether it’s understanding more about what’s in protein powder, whether or not that pre-workout supplement is health or hype, or digging into how to biohack your own hormones and blood to work for you, like examining IGF-1.

4. Low Carb/High Fat Diets

This one does not surprise us. Nutrition guidelines received a much needed update by the FDA, as we saw changes to nutritional guidelines and labels based on:

  1. New evidence and studies done on sugar and the damaging effects
  2. New evidence and studies done on how fat is not the enemy

While the new label will make it easier for consumers to make better informed food choices, it’s important to tie the work you do on your nutrition back to the impact it has in your body. WellnessFX practitioner Ben Greenfield wrote about the mainstream trend of low carb/high fat diets, to create awareness of the common pitfalls with this diet – “particularly pitfalls that may be directly quantified in your own blood biomarkers.”

5. The Impact of Stress and Pain

hs-CRP is considered a beacon for inflammation, caused by damage to the body. While monitoring your biomarkers regularly to check for levels, here are 3 ways you can reduce inflammation for better health.

When it comes to stress, you’ve probably heard cortisol referred to as the “stress hormone.” While a little spike of cortisol is good in response to short-term stressors, it starts to become a problem when the body starts making too much, too often. If your stress-to-relaxation ratio isn’t in balance, consider getting your cortisol levels checked. Read up on what high cortisol levels mean to your health.

6. The Thyroid

The thyroid is the master metabolism gland. This remarkable little gland can regulate body temperature, aid in digestion, and enhance cognitive ability. Without the thyroid, our bodies would not be able to convert nutrients into energy.

This list of 20 facts addresses some of the most important functions our thyroid performs.

7. Understanding More about Testing

WellnessFX is still on the mission to help people understand the difference between Less Sick vs Optimally Well.

Health is progressively in the hands of consumers, with increased availability to testing and devices as 2017 approaches. When it comes to blood tests, however, old stigmas seem to die hard.

Readers are still working to understanding that if you have your biomarker data, you can proactively influence the outcomes. Read up on the 6 reasons even healthy people get regular blood tests.

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is actually a steroid hormone controlling the expression of over 1,000 genes in the body. This means that vitamin D is controlling over 1,000 different physiological processes. In this ever-popular blog post, Dr. Rhonda Patrick dives into how this hormone actually plays an important role in the aging process. To learn more about other important vitamins, check out this list to read about 3 other important vitamin deficiencies.

Bonus: Read this blog post to learn the best way to eat all your vitamins.

2016 was already an exciting year for the WellnessFX team – we met more new folks in health and wellness, saw many success stories of people taking control of their health, and rolled out the first of many WellnessFX Home Kits. We’re excited to move forward in our mission to bring the next generation of health by way of personalized medicine. Cheers to 2017!

Have a topic you’d like us to cover more in the new year? Send us an email.

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