NEW WellnessFX Feature for iOS & Desktop: More Tracking, Less Guessing

WellnessFX habit tracking

Part of living a healthy life is enacting lifestyle changes that become habits.  We believe habits are important because it turns “Things You Want/Have to Do” into “Things You Do,” alleviating you from the will I/won’t I decision making battle. Consistency over time = change.

We’re excited to announce our activity tracker is now available on iOS or desktop. See whether that added strength training or meditation is working by easily tracking from your WellnessFX member profile. With the iOS and desktop activity tracker, you can:

  • Log your healthy habits and goals by simply checking them off each time you complete them.
  • Observe your trends and activity over time
  • Set reminders for your habits
  • Add notes for each reminder

When you log into your WellnessFX account, click on Health Plan to start. From there you can create new activities and start tracking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.47.04 PM

Make managing your health effortless by turning your research into trackable, daily habits. Turn your latest practitioner’s recommendations into tomorrow’s todo list and make living a healthy life just that much easier.

Start Tracking

Want to work on your habits overall? Check out The 5 Steps That Help You Build a Powerful Habit.

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