WellnessFX and Petrichor Analytics Introduce Home Testing Kit – Advaned Blood Diagnostics, Hormone, Genetics and Microbiome

credit: istockphoto_Manuel Faba Ortega

credit: istockphoto_Manuel Faba Ortega

WellnessFX is excited to announce we’ve partnered with Petrichor Analytics to introduce our home testing kit for advanced blood chemistry and hormone testing, genetics and microbiome analysis for more than 25,000 physicians and 4 million plus Thorne Research and WellnessFX customers.

These home testing kits represent the next generation of patient testing and analytics, and the future of medicine. With them, we will be able to generate predictive, preventative, and actionable information with personalized telehealth coaching, while operating under an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

What Does this Partnership Mean For You?

As a fan, member, or future member:

  • A highly reliable way to improve your general fitness or personalize and optimize your training (this is especially interesting for fitness enthusiasts and amateur and professional athletes – we currently have several professional basketball and football teams, as well as elite CrossFit athletes and teams, that are already using these home testing kits)
  • Personalized and accurate dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations
  • Unprecedented access to vital information that will improve the quality of life for everyone using them
  • An easier way to own your health and take actionable steps to make improvements

What’s Next?

The 50-person pilot we’ve launched is fully spoken for, but we will begin to take names for the 500-person microbiome testing pilot later this year.

If you are interested, please send an email with the subject line “Interest in Home Testing Kit Pilot” to pilot@wellnessfx.com to be considered.

We thank you at this time for your continued support and advocacy as our valued members. Exciting developments like this are a reality because of you, and we are nothing short of grateful and driven as we continue to push forward in our mission to improve thousands of lives each day, empowering consumers to own their health.

For full details on the new business partnership, please view the complete press release.

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