5 Benefits of the WellnessFX Loyalty Program


Just in time for 2016: The WellnessFX Loyalty Program.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, lower cholesterol, or just be an overall healthier person in the new year, you can now receive up to 20% off of our most popular diagnostic packages when you bulk purchase them in groups of 2 or 3. (and yes, you can still add consultations with our licensed health practitioners; It’s an easy one-click option at checkout).

We’re offering these to new and current WellnessFX members, and here’s how you benefit:

 5 Benefits of the WellnessFX Loyalty Program

1. Save some cash.

While some tests can be obtained from your doctor free of charge (this varies widely with insurance coverage), we offer advanced diagnostic tests, like performance hormones, advanced thyroid, and women’s health biomarkers that you may have a hard time ordering through your doctor. Because of our bulk discount, these advanced tests are generally also less expensive than ordering through your doctor – even if you have insurance.

2. Retesting. 

Retesting is key to staying on track because your blood cells regenerate every 120 days. Where you were 120 days ago may not necessarily be where you are today, for better or worse. In order to have an accurate picture of where your total health is, we recommend a re-assessment every 120 days.

3. Practice being optimally healthy (as opposed to “less sick”).

Don’t wait until you feel sick to take charge of your health. Retesting readies you to take your health into your own hands to maximize longevity before your doctor identifies red flags. WellnessFX exists because we think the healthcare experience can be so much better. Instead of focusing on the all-too-common “sick care,” what about seeking and optimizing health before illness hits? You can proactively check your heart, liver, kidney health and more. WellnessFX also offers a unique model where you have unrestricted access to your data – that means you can share it with whomever you like – your doctor, your nutritionist, or your trainer.

4. It’s HSA/FSA reimbursable.

Did you know that you can use your Health Savings or Flexible Spending account (HSA/FSA) benefits to pay for your WellnessFX lab testing purchases like this one? This allows you to put pre-tax money toward uncovering valuable information about your health in a way that’s meaningful and useful to you – giving you even more control over your health and wallet. You can learn how to do that here.

5. You get to focus in on what matters.

While having the data is a large piece of the puzzle when it comes to your biomarkers, what you do after receiving the data is crucial, in order to see meaningful change. When it comes to areas of improvement – hormones, blood sugar, and metabolic health – they all play a role in energy levels, sleep quality and quantity, and weight loss goals. If you retest, you’ll be able to see what may be holding you back from feeling your best, and then zero in on improving the individual biomarkers that need attention. With so many fitness magazines touting advice that smells of not-so-thinly-veiled absolutes, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that health is an ongoing journey that requires maintenance and constant assessment.

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