A Special Offer from Ben Greenfield (Have You Taken This Challenge Yet?)

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Faisal Akram

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Faisal Akram

The recent 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge experiment Ben Greenfield conducted with Jason Sissel was so inspiring that we wanted to offer a special deal for those that want to conduct their own 30-day no alcohol experiment and test their biomarkers just like Jason did.

For a limited time, if you purchase two Baseline packages, you’ll receive:

Why two? One for the start of your experiment, one for the end.

How to take advantage of this special offer from Ben Greenfield

Use the discount code 30DayBenG at checkout after you select two Baseline packages. (Or go directly to this populated cart for an easy one-click).

Purchase Your Discounted Packages Now

Cheers to a healthier you in 2015!  

About Baseline

The WellnessFX Baseline package empowers you to understand and improve your underlying health by combining advanced biomarker analysis with an intuitive health dashboard to track your results. Notable markers include vitamin D, HbA1c and ApoB. At checkout, you can even include a 20-minute nutritionist consultation for personalized recommendations you can implement immediately.

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