5 Tips That Keep Your Healthy Eating On Point This Holiday Season

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, DennisSylvesterHurd

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, DennisSylvesterHurd

The roadblocks can sometimes be endless when it comes to healthy eating and living a health-conscious lifestyle: Family dinners, potlucks, traveling, and even just a long day of meetings at work are a sure-fire way to get off track; Your family members (or friends) aren’t always supportive of your fitness goals; The host at a holiday party insists on seconds, or there’s accidental leftover grazing.

Giving opportunities for these derailments can lead to feeling depleted, bloated, tired. We want you to feel your best – so how can you keep your healthy eating (and metabolism) on track and you making healthy choices?

Challenge yourself: “For one month, I will prepare my own meals ahead of time, pack snacks, or take healthy options to potlucks.”

5 Tips That Keep Your Healthy Eating On Point This Holiday Season

    1. Stop – GROCERY TIME

      It’s just as easy to map or GPS yourself to a grocery store on your route as it is a fast food restaurant. A quick stop gives you options for fruits, bagged carrots, nuts, hummus, pre-packaged hard boiled eggs, or even a salad bar if the supermarket features one.

    2. Volunteer to shop

      When visiting family on vacation, offer to do the grocery shopping to ensure a gathering over fresh, organic, and natural ingredients. (It’s also an extremely nice gesture)

    3. Be a food carrier

      Having snacks at the ready is a good way to keep up the healthy routine while on the go, and can save you from succumbing to fast food while away from home. If going on a trip, a three-pound bag of mixed nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate pieces is both healthy and delicious, fits easily in your carry-on and will last you a week.
      Pro tip: Before leaving on your trip, grab a handful and weight it on a scale – now you’ll always have a rough idea of how much you’re snacking on.

    4. Drink water

      We need water to be healthy. Water is instrumental in healthy organ function and naturally improves digestion to help break down food so that your body can absorb nutrients. Water also softens stools, which helps prevent constipation. It is recommended that the average adult drink eight glasses of water a day. If you’re more physically active, you’ll need to compensate for your water-loss by increasing your intake – you can calculate your sweat rate here.
      Pro tip: Need a reminder? Try Watermind Me, our free app.

    5. DIY

      When attending a potluck, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping there will be some healthy options, why not bring a nutritious dish yourself? That way you’ll know you can count on at least one healthy refuge. Try out this recipe from Ashley Tudor’s Sweet Potato Power:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.04.51 PM

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