WellnessFX is Hiring – Are You a Fit?


Are you familiar with Ruby on Rails? Do you have a passion for health and fitness? Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you want to be apart of the healthcare revolution?

If you answered yes to all of those, we want to meet you!

WellnessFX is current looking for an awesome Ruby on Rails engineer to join our team.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us, taken from members of our team themselves!

  • Freedom to engage at every level of the company. There are many interesting problems to solve and our engineers are able to work on the things they truly think are interesting.
  • No pigeon-holing! You’re encouraged to grow into other areas to take advantage of your developing strengths.
  • Work is fast-paced, and never gets old. Now open in 44 states, WellnessFX is rapidly growing. As we continue to enhance and expand our product we face many exciting and challenging opportunities
  • smoothieWe eat our own dogfood. WellnessFX is about bringing control of personal health back to the individual, and our team members share this passion. From CrossFitters to Runners to Circus athletes, you’ll discover how powerful it is to work with people who inspire both in and outside the office.
  • Sustainable and progressive environment. Our office, located in the heart of San Francisco, has all you need to thrive in a healthy work environment. From standing desks to medicine balls to a kitchen full of lean meats, vegetables, nuts, and coconut oil, we pack the variety to keep our employees fit and happy!
  • We have fun. Our motivated team comes up with activities on a regular bases, from team-hosted happy hours and volunteer events, to holiday parties and team outings. And of course, our weekly challenges.


Team Member Spotlight: Morgan Simonnet

It's Morgan!

It’s Morgan!

On our very first Hack Day, in November 2012, Morgan decided to create a small mobile app that would help people stay hydrated, knowing that too many of us don’t drink enough water every day. Looking at other water-tracking applications, Morgan noticed that many of them were cluttered and clunky, with too many steps for the user to go through to track something that should be fundamentally simple.

So she hacked. She worked as a team of one, giving her IT masters degree a workout as she led the app development from end-to-end: from specs, design, and UI/UX, to realization, testing, app-store releases. And thanks to her hard work, thousands of people have taken to tapping and tracking their water intake with Watermind Me.

Like the rest of the WellnessFX team, Morgan takes her health seriously, doing cardio and core work 3-4 times a week, and taking up jujitsu for kicks. She realizes that her performance suffers when she isn’t hydrated, and does her best to practice what she preaches.

Morgan also had her biomarkers checked here in the office, and found out that her lipid-levels were out of whack. She consulted with Dr. Charles Carpenter, a WellnessFX practitioner who got her back into normal range with his diet, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions. With all this support, it’s no surprise that we’ve got one of the happiest, healthiest staff members around.

Think You’re A Fit?

If you think you’d be an awesome fit for WellnessFX, check out the full job posting and contact us at jobs@wellnessfx.com. Include your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would want to be a part of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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