Need Help Sticking to Your Nutrition and Exercise this Holiday Season? Try This Challenge.

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, beedieu

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, beedieu

A lot of people find themselves using family trips, catching up with friends, or other social events as excuses to skimp on healthy eating and exercise. For example: Family dinners are followed up with TV watching. Catching up with friends consists of downing empty calories at a happy hour.

Finding ways to stay active is important – sitting or lying down for prolonged periods slows the metabolism and decreases the effectiveness of insulin. Also, the blood sugar from a meal is released after 60-90 minutes, so utilizing this window to exercise ensures that any pounds you tack on will be muscle and not fat.

Challenge yourself: “For one month, I will be active with others.”

What does this look like? It’s not meant to be complicated, but to be about reimagining conventional rituals in the pursuit of a healthier you. Instead of “grabbing drinks” or “getting a bite to eat,” try offering up something fun and active in its place. What’s that – you want suggestions!?

Some Suggestions to Get You Started

  • WellnessFX practitioner Dr. Jeffrey Edman suggests a family walk around the neighborhood. Not only will it burn calories and get the metabolism going, but it can also lead to memorable conversations and maybe even a tradition.
  • If a friend is in town, suggest a walk through a park or a leisurely hike in the woods.
  • Head to the nearest rock climbing gym.
  • Go salsa dancing.
  • Find a drop-in yoga class.
  • Explore a new neighborhood in your area on foot.

Such activities will not only make for more active and memorable experiences, but can help expose loved ones to healthier habits as well. Still need help creating healthier habits? Check out “The 5 Steps That Help You Build a Powerful Habit.”

Simple Steps to Wellness: Want More?

This blog is part of our Simple Steps to Wellness series.

We believe that incorporating small, feasible changes over shorter periods of change can help you experience the motivation and confidence that comes from seeing your personal goals fulfilled. Remember, you don’t need to wait until January 1, 20XX to get started – you can start today. You can incorporate healthy habits into your life with more ease than you may think.

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