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Flickr Creative Commons, harold.lloyd

Flickr Creative Commons, harold.lloyd

Being healthy can be incorporated into your life with more ease than you may think.

You don’t need to wait until January 1, 20XX to get started – you can start today, and keep going. Just like in any story, the greatness and epic adventure didn’t happen because that day was just like the others – it was because Today is the Day That Everything Changed.

We believe that incorporating small, feasible changes over shorter periods of change can help you experience the motivation and confidence that comes from seeing your personal goals fulfilled.

We’ll be sharing tips for wellness that are actionable and easy to bring into your everyday life, in an effort to help you be your best self. First up: Immunity. An effective and proven way to keep harmful pathogens out of the body is to…

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene as an Immunity Booster – Why?

Germs have to find a way inside before they can start wreaking havoc on the body.  People touch their faces many times a day, so it’s easy to see how hand health affects overall health. It becomes especially important while:

  • Traveling
  • On public transportation
  • In crowded malls
  • Attending social gatherings (Do you know how many hands did you shook?)
  • At work

Other germ factories not included on this list offer ample exposure to potential illnesses.

What You Can Do

  • Challenge yourself to wash your hands whenever possible before and after activities. Wash thoroughly before and after interpersonal contact, meals, and going through heavily populated areas (hello, metro train) – doing so can go a long way.
  • Designate Special hands: Assign one hand for doing everyday tasks, like turning door jobs, giving high fives, pushing elevator buttons, or putting change in the parking meter. Leave the other for the personal side of things, like the unconscious nose scratch, eye rub, or midday snack. By being mindful of which hands are doing what, you lessen your chance of picking up germs between hand washings.

Important to note: Using hand sanitizer is no way a substitution for washing your hands; it has been found to be less effective than soap and water. However, carrying it can be useful when in situations where hand washing is not an option.

Immunity Boosters and Wellness: Want more?

Try our 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick. Stay tuned for more simple steps to Wellness – we’ll be sharing more actionable advice on immunity, fitness, and nutrition.

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