This WellnessFX Feature is For You If…

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, splityarn

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, splityarn

Did you know that as a WellnessFX member, you can add your past lab records? After you create your free WellnessFX account, there’s an option in your profile to enter previous blood draws and store them. You should take advantage of this if:

1. You want to see how your health has changed over time

With all of your health stats in your WellnessFX health profile, you can compare past results and take note of trends by finally seeing everything side-by-side. When you have the information and can see trend lines, you have more of the advantage to make informed decisions about lifestyle and nutrition choices. It sure beats guessing.

2. You have lived in multiple cities

It is estimated that a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime, and have 11.3 jobs. That’s a lot of changes, new doctors, new tests, healthcare providers, and papers. Chances are, you’re in good company of people that need to pull together and organize all of your past lab records.

3. You want 24/7 access to your health data

Whether it’s for convenience, or in case of emergency or for when you’re traveling, it’s your data. Storing it in one, centralized place where you can access it from your computer or on your mobile phone is just plain smart.

4. You want to learn more about what all of the numbers mean

How much Vitamin D do you need? What causes magnesium deficiency? To  help you learn more about your health, we’ve made it so that each biomarker is accompanied by a brief, easy-to-understand definition and even videos from our health team that dive into the various health markers.

5. You want to improve your health

Along with the definitions and video content we provide alongside each biomarker, we also give a list of actionable steps you can take to then improve the marker. Knowledge, improvement – everything is in one place.

How to Add Past Lab Results

You can manually add past lab data from your own previous print outs received from your doc. See screenshot below.

Bonus: Our practitioners review all of your past data during a consultation, not just the current snapshot


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