How a WellnessFX Consultation Works and What to Expect

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Melissa Venable

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Melissa Venable

If you’ve never had a WellnessFX practitioner provide you with personalized advice based on your biomarkers, we can understand – new can be scary.

If you don’t know what to expect, that can cause even more trepidation. Never fear! We’ve got you covered. No matter what you’re curious about, from women’s health to endurance training to weight loss, a consultation is an opportunity to leverage the data that’s now in your back pocket and identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

The Benefits of a WellnessFX Consult

The benefits are three-fold:

  1. Telehealth consultations take less time: Imagine that instead of taking a half day off of work and interrupting your day, you simply find a secure phone line in a private area to dial into your 20-minute consultation. When it’s over, you can go right back to your busy day.
  2. The recommendations are tailored to you: A consultation with any of our nutritionists, registered dietitians or physicians, means getting recommendations based on your unique biomarkers.
  3. An understanding network: Our practitioners understand it can be hard to make changes, so our practitioners work with you to create realistic recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

Beyond the benefits, we’ve compiled insight on how a WellnessFX consultation works and what you can expect.

How a WellnessFX Consultation Works and What to Expect

Step 1: Choose a Practitioner

After you review your lab results as a WellnessFX member, you have access to our network of licensed health practitioners for an in-depth interpretation of your biomarkers.

All Wellness practitioners are meticulously chosen and screened according to our high quality standards.

Simply browse the wide range of specialists available in your state and choose one that fits your unique needs.

Step 2: Schedule Your Consultation

Consultations are available in 20, 30, 40, and 50-minute increments.

Select the length and time that’s right for you and schedule your telehealth consultation for a time you’ll be in a quiet place with access to a phone and internet connection.

Step 3: Call into a Secure Line

As a courtesy, you’ll receive a reminder email an hour prior to your scheduled consult.

At the scheduled time, call in to our secure line for your consultation.

Step 4: Have your Consultation

For these next two steps, we tapped Physician, Scientist, and WellnessFX practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Edman:

Dr. Jeffrey Edman

Dr. Jeffrey Edman

“Your consultation can vary from a focused discussion of your labs and particular symptoms (e.g fatigue, weight gain) to be a wide-ranging review of all your laboratory results. If your consulting specialist doesn’t ask “Why did you get the WellnessFX test?”, be sure to inform him/her. It is okay to say “I just want to optimize my health”.”

Step 5: Review Your Recommendations

Your practitioner will add your personalized recommendations into your account for easy reference. The recommendations fall into five categories: Supplements, Lifestyle, Prescription medications, Over-the-counter meds, and Tests.

“Lifestyle changes are generally related to diet, exercise, and stress management. Supplements are chosen based on the practitioner’s personal experience and will vary from practitioner to practitioner. Occasionally a practitioner will suggest an OTC medication and rarely a prescription medication (these, like all recommendations, should be reviewed by your primary care physician). Tests are very important class of recommendation. When a test is recommended, it means the practitioner has seen something in your labs or in your history that is concerning enough to warrant further testing. Sometimes these tests are available through WellnessFX (eg. Advanced Thyroid or Heart Health) but often you will need to get them through your own physician or an outside lab. Talk to your practitioner about that either during your consult or via the secure email service.”

Feel free to message your practitioner with follow-up questions or listen to audio recordings of your consultations straight from your account.

Want more?

Now that you know how a WellnessFX consultation works, check out 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Consultation, to maximize the most of your time.

Consultations can be purchased as part of select bundled packages or on their own. If you’re not sure if you want one, you can always wait until you get your results to decide.

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