We Just Made the Feature You’ve Been Asking for

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons,  Lotus Carroll

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons,
Lotus Carroll

WellnessFX’ers, bio hackers, quantified selfers, mom: We’re proud to show you the latest feature our team has been working on…

You can now download and export all of your lab results!

When you view your results, you’ll see a new option staring at you. With one click on the button marked “Export,” you can then choose to download your data as a CSV or XLSX – take your pick of either of the universally accepted formats. All your data, right to you, with little effort and no advance notice needed. Screenshots how-to here:

Step 1: Click "Export" button

Step 1: Click “Export” button

Step 2: Choose your format

Step 2: Choose your format

5 Things You Can Do with This

      1. Share with friends and family via email or hard copy and keep them looped in on your health status (and progress).
      2. Share with your own physician – especially if online access isn’t readily available where their office is. Simply download and print or save.
      3. Leverage the raw data to mix with your own tracking and interests or build your own custom app – quantified self users and biohackers are most likely salivating at the thought of this.
      4. If your clinic has an online message service, you can upload the CSV file – thus reserving the time you are about to spend with your physician to talk about your health and goals, not logistics.
      5. Use Piktochart and create an infographic out of your data, make it lifesize, frame it, and give it to a loved one that has a birthday coming up. Or keep it in your living room. Winner!
        We made one to show you!

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