9 Cool, New Things You Can do on your Mobile Phone with WellnessFX


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At WellnessFX we believe that everyone should have their health data in their back pocket. It’s your data – it should be not only available and accessible to you whenever you want it, but wherever.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with innovation, so we recently covered the 9 Cool New Things You can do with your WellnessFX account – but did you see all the recent additions we’ve made on mobile? Here’s a list of the latest and greatest on what you can do with your smartphone and WellnessFX:

WellnessFX and your data

1. View lab results and your practitioner recommendations by downloading our iPhone app to have your test results and personalized recommendations with you whenever you want them.

Download the Free WellnessFX iPhone app


(left) Lab Results; (right) Practitioner Recommendations 

2. Switch to color blind mode The red and green segments of our original charts appeared muddy and indistinct to the color blind, making it difficult to see the difference between low- and high-risk lab values. You can now set your app to see your lab results with color blind friendly colors by going into “Settings” and switching the “Color Blind Friendly” slider to “ON.” See the difference below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 5.02.06 PM

(left) Color-blind mode; (right) Standard mode

WellnessFX and your progress

3. Track your daily habits You can now keep track of your healthy habits and goals by simply checking them off each time you complete them. Over time, you’ll be able to see how you’ve been doing and where you might still need some work.


Daily habit tracking

4. Set reminders for your habits To help make your new habits stick and make time for what’s important (your health!), you can now stay on track with reminders. We’ve added customizable reminders, making it easier to keep your healthy goals from getting pushed to the side when life gets busy.


Setting up daily habit reminders

5. Add notes to your habits Did you miss a workout? Hit your daily water requirement? Add a note to your daily tracker to remember why.

6. Email your habit tracking plan Easily share a list of your habit tracking plan and details with your practitioner, personal trainer, or anyone else that is involved in your health journey, by emailing it with a tap of a button.


habit tracking plan

WellnessFX and You

7. Add a supplement to our mobile list Don’t see your supplement listed in our habit tracker? Take a picture of it and we’ll add it to our database.

8. Ingredient Summary calculates the nutritional daily value breakdown based on the supplements you are tracking in your plan.


Ingredient summary

9. Share your results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or on email Have you improved and want to brag? Excited to see your first set of results and want to share? You can now easily share your lab results with one click in the upper right corner whenever you’re viewing any of your lab results.

Think you know all the different tweaks we’ve made to enhance your WellnessFX experience? Whether you’re a first-timer or have been with us since the beginning, check out:

Stay tuned for more updates! Have a suggestion of how we can make your WellnessFX experience better? Email us: support@wellnessfx.com

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