The 8 FAQs About WellnessFX You Wanted Answers To

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/weesen

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/weesen

Melissa Curtiss is a on a lifelong quest to win her battle with weight. But, as Melissa points out, “Some of us have already tried going the traditional route of visiting our personal care provider for help, but ended up walking away without understanding what our results mean or feeling any sense of control.”

Our VP of Marketing, Natalie Cann, recently sat down with Curtiss, podcaster of Fat to Fit: My Quest, to give her listeners more insight into how consumers can put themselves in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health. Also on the menu? Answer the questions that Melissa, as a fellow WellnessFX user, is commonly asked about our products and services.

The 8 FAQs About WellnessFX You Wanted Answers To

Q: Why does WellnessFX exist?
A: WellnessFX is dedicated to putting health in the hands of the consumer. With WellnessFX, anyone can collect, interpret and track their health data and view it at any time, on their computer or mobile device – essentially, a consumer can own their data.

Q: Who is using WellnessFX?
A: Originally we started with a crowd that was looking to optimize their performance – we were big with the CrossFit crowd. Over the years, we’ve brought in a range of interest, from the CrossFit community, to vegans, to those dealing with chronic fatigue, have difficulty losing weight, a family history of disease…and a lot are just curious!

Q: Typically, understanding one’s own blood draw results can be hard. What if you have markers that don’t look so good?
A: We made sure to offer intuitive descriptions and videos, along with a range of practitioners with a wide variety of specialists, whether you’re vegan, Paleo, focused on optimizing performance or course correcting a chronic illness.

Q: How does WellnessFX find their practitioners?
A: We’ve built a practitioner network over the past three years to find and select doctors within each state. Those practitioners are then thoroughly background and referenced checked; credentials are checked through the national system. Their references are completely vetted by our practitioner director and medical director. Once they have passed that, they are then asked to do trial runs to see if they offer a positive customer experience. Our openings are based on need and demand in each individual state (practitioners are licensed at the state level). Everyone is rated within our network to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Q: What about different tests, like food sensitivity and allergies – will they be added down the road?
A: That’s a possibility. It’s something we’ve explored over the last few months. For now, our medical director has advised that the food sensitivity test results are just too inconclusive. There’s not enough clinical data to really back them up/to be able to recommend them as an effective indicator. We will continue to evaluate and take in new information from our partnership with Thorne. We continue to reevaluate emerging product opportunities and will revisit when there’s more data available. We will need to see a wider consensus in the medical community about the efficacy of the results.

Q: As you help more people, do you see the costs decreasing for a basic panel?
A: The way the pricing works is interesting. We just released a pricing update where most prices dropped, due to our ability to reduce certain operating costs. It’s more determined on a per-marker basis determined by the labs themselves. We are able to combine the best possible prices across labs, so the consumer always wins in the end, plus there’s transparency of the price. At some point in the future we’ll be able to offer line item pricing for certain markers, which will certainly save the consumer money.

Q: Is WellnessFX available overseas?
A: We’re currently only available in the U.S. for blood diagnostics due to the complicated and regulatory process of telemedicine. We get a lot of interest from Canada and Australia. We recognize that healthcare works differently across the globe. We are working hard to become available internationally. The first priority is to open in the remaining states in the U.S., like New York.

Q: What 5 states are you not currently in (yet)?
A: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Hawaii. We hope to be in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island within the next 6 months.

To listen to the full episode of WellnessFX’s interview with Melissa, check out “Episode #16 Taking Back Your Health Care.”

Whether you’re skeptical or curious, we encourage you to see what it’s like to just use WellnessFX, by uploading your historical data. Test out the easy-to-read design of your biomarkers, and see if it’s something that makes sense to use moving forward using our diagnostics or practitioners. Create a free account today.

Melissa Curtiss is dedicated to sharing her health journey while helping others restore their health, repair their hormones and win their weight loss battle.


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