9 Cool, New Things You Can Do with your WellnessFX Account


Credit: Flickr Commons, edsalkeld

At WellnessFX we’re committed to making personal health data available and easily accessible to as many people as possible. In the rapidly changing world of health, it’s crucial to our team that we keep up on innovation. We are constantly improving to make updates that are meaningful to the most important person in the equation here: You. Whether you’re just learning about us (where have you been!? We’ve been waiting for you), or need to play catch-up on all the new features, here is a list of the latest and greatest on what you can do with your WellnessFX account:

WellnessFX and Your Data

1. Add Past Lab Records You can manually add past lab data from their own, previous print outs received from their doc. With this feature:

  • Track your historical data (yes, duh)
  • See trends and get insights into your health when new ones are uploaded
  • Bonus: Our practitioners review all of your past data during a consultation, not just the current snapshot


2. Track Your Weight, Waist Circumference and Blood Pressure All WellnessFX users can enter their weight, waist circumference and blood pressure as often as they want. The data will show up as a sparkline just like the biomarker. Benefits:

  • Tracking your weight, waist circumference and blood pressure allows you to see your progress with your diagnostic data
  • You can update this information as often as you want, to see historical trends


3. Print Lab Results and Recommendations All WellnessFX users can print out a hard copy of their lab results and their recommendations list. Why is this helpful? A print out of your lab results and/or practitioner recommendations makes for easy sharing with your friends, family or your own physician.

4. Switch up how you view your data Users can view diagnostics in a table layout instead of the sparkline layout. Using the new table view, you can focus on the most recent results and makes it easier to compare the values between the last three tested dates. The new one-click option will create an easy to read, side-by-side comparison of your three most recent test results:


5. Filter by Most Recent Lab Results Only need your most recent test values to show? Got it! Users can filter their lab results for this by clicking “Most Recent” under “Lab Reports.” (check the photo above)

WellnessFX and Your Purchases

6. Find Out What’s Left in Your Account With one glance, WellnessFX users can see what WellnessFX products and packages they still have available, and which ones they used in the past, and when. With this feature, you can:

  • Plan out your next draw, and adjust based on current blood draws or consultations available in your account
  • Keep accurate record of the packages and dates you had tested in the past, for easy reference.


7. Buy Supplements We’re pleased to offer members direct access to supplements from Thorne Research, which are available through medical practitioners and select resellers.  After you create a Thorne account (it takes less than a minute), we take your WFX account details and pre-populate the Thorne account creation page. Hello, streamlined.

WellnessFX and Your Team

8. Availability by Request Need a consultation that is outside the practitioner’s regularly listed times? Users are now able to ‘negotiate’ a custom time and date with a practitioner. *Available with select practitioners. You must have a purchased consultation first


9. Message your practitioner Users who have already had a consult can privately message their practitioner as often as they’d like.

  • Ask that last question
  • Get follow-up advice
  • Discuss supplements, workouts, recovery + more

Haven’t had a WellnessFX consultation yet? From women’s health to endurance training to weight loss, a consultation is an opportunity to leverage the data that’s now in your back pocket and identify potential health risks or areas of improvement. Click here for 5 tips for Getting the Most out of your WellnessFX Consultation.

Stay tuned for more updates! Have a suggestion of how we can make your WellnessFX experience better? Email us: support@wellnessfx.com.

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