Our 6 Easy Things We Do That Can Help You #MoveInMay

Credit: Flickr Commons, MiamiFitnessTV

Credit: Flickr Commons, MiamiFitnessTV

Warmer months are on the horizon and there’s no better time than now to be active. That means it’s time for #MoveInMay! May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Everyone can benefit from moving more. As healthcare.gov outlines, in the spirit of #MoveInMay, there are tons of rewards to reap from physical activity, and they span all ages and body types: 

  • Children and adolescents: Physical activity can improve muscular fitness and bone and heart health.
  • Adults: Physical activity can lower risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.
  • Older adults: Physical activity can lower the risk of falls and improve cognitive functioning (like learning and judgment skills).

We love any reason to spread the word about the benefits of getting active, so we compiled some tips we use here at the WellnessFX offices to help keep you on track and excited about staying physically active. Handstands are optional (yet always celebrated).


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6 Tips to help you #MoveInMay

  1. Stay hydrated: For the average adult, 8 glasses of water a day are typically recommended. But when you’re more physically active, you’ll need to compensate for your water-loss by increasing your intake. Find out exactly how much you’ll need by calculating your sweat rate. Our Watermind Me app is a simple and free app for iOS that makes drinking water a daily habit. The few seconds it takes to set up on your iPhone is an easy way to help keep you hydrated and track of your daily water intake. You can even use reminders, so that you don’t forget to drink water. Need help making it a habit? Try these 8 tips.
  2. Set a goal: Be clear about your goal – be specific and commit to it. Write it down or tell a buddy or family member you trust that is supportive in your wants.
  3. Make small changes: Use this month as a springboard to set up habits, which is what can see you through if motivation wanes. Setting up small, attainable goals that you can reach move you toward the overall goal in increments. Additionally, regularly achieving your goals is fulfilling and makes your larger (and future) goals seem more possible.
  4. Do a little more each time: Now that you’ve set up your habit, take that momentum and keep improving upon it. Once you reach the goal, create another. If you did 15 squats next to your desk yesterday, do 18 today.
  5. Use food for fuel: For extended bouts of exercise, you’ll need to fuel yourself not just for performance, but for recovery. Eating for fuel is about keeping your mind sharp and knowing what to eat when your performance suffers. How? Here are a couple examples:
        – Muscle cramps are caused by a lack of electrolytes. This points to a calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium deficiency.

    – Knowing that, you can now source fortified OJ, bananas, avocados, and leafy greens.Exercising hard in heat depletes your sodium levels: Did you know that coconut water is a great option that provides additional potassium? If you’re looking for easier nutrition with the help of your smart phone, try these four apps.

  6. Try something new (and make it fun!): Keep things fresh so you don’t get bored. We have an activity wheel and do a challenge every morning in the WellnessFX office. Spin your luck! Last week’s was the Superman.

An ACTUAL activity wheel we ACTUALLY use.

One last thing on your physical fitness…

Seeing the physical results of your efforts are that affirmation that your hard work and dedication is paying off….but don’t be fooled by thinking that the outside is all that matters.

It’s important to track the progress your body makes to monitor for any vitamin deficiencies or risk factors, so don’t forget to regularly blood test along the way.

Having your health data a crucial part in improving overall health, and seeing your hard work pay off in the form of reduced risk factors and healthy biomarkers are more real results that reward you for your hard work. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve peak performance in your athletic training, balance your hormones or improve your overall health, there are biomarker testing packages that can be your map for navigating to your goal. 

@fitnessgov promises to have the latest news and events from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and everyone will be using #MoveInMay. 

As for us, we loved celebrating National Nutrition Month in March (10 non-boring salads, anyone?), so we’ll be blogging about some related topics that fit within the theme Got a topic you’d like us to cover? Tweet us @WellnessFX or leave it in the comments. 

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month - Get moving!

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