5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your WellnessFX Consultation


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Did you know that  WellnessFX provides personalized advice from health professionals? We offer consultations.

After you review your lab results as a WellnessFX member, you have access to our network of licensed health practitioners for an in-depth interpretation of your biomarkers. From women’s health to endurance training to weight loss, a consultation is an opportunity to leverage the data that’s now in your back pocket and identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

The benefits of a consultation with any of our nutritionists, registered dietitians or physicians, are getting recommendations based on your unique biomarkers.

Consultations can be purchased as part of select bundled packages or on their own. If you’re not sure if you want one, you can always wait until you get your results to decide. Still overwhelmed? Don’t forget, we understand it can be hard to make changes, so our practitioners work with you to create realistic recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

5 tips for getting the most out of your consultation

You can cover a lot of ground in just 20 minutes – here’s how to make the most of it, before and after your consultation:

1. Identify your health goals

Just like we talk about how to take a great Quantified Selfie, it’s in your best interest to take some time before your consultation to organize yourself. That means setting aside some time to clearly identify and even write down the goals and outcomes you’d like to achieve are. By being familiar with what you’d like to discuss beforehand, it’s an effective way to make use of your time and clearly communicate your expectations and needs.

2. Write out your top questions

In that above mentioned prep time, look at your lab results and make a list of the top questions you’d like to ask, in advance. Sometimes you’ll find you have more than you realized (That’s ok!) and sometimes you will realize you have fewer than you thought when considering the length of time of your consultation purchased and the chunk of time you want to devote that consultation to questions. The important part is that you’ve put thought into it. Without that prep, it is all to easy to get off track.

3. Take action on your Recommendations

At the top of your dashboard page, click Recommendations. You’ll be taken to the page which holds specific, tailored recommendations, entered by the practitioner, directly following your consult. From there, you can track your progress of the recommendations to completion, helping you follow through on action with the goals that have been set for you.

4. Hit replay on your session

If you’ve ever struggled to remember exactly what you and your doctor discussed in that brief moment, don’t worry. After you wrap your consultation, an audio recording of the session will be available in your WellnessFX dashboard, to review again in case you need a refresh or to revisit information reviewed? It’s at the bottom of the page, when you click on Recommendations.

5. Bonus Pro tip*

Not your first consult with a particular practitioner? Awesome. Did you know you can use the messaging feature in advance of jumping on the phone with the practitioner again? With this feature and established practitioner/patient relationship, you can email them the concerns/questions you’d like to focus on in the call, beforehand.

What are other members saying about their experience with consultations?

“My consultation with Ben went great — we went over my lab results and still had enough time to go over my burning questions. I’ll be implementing his suggestions over the next 8 weeks, and no doubt will be scheduling another consultation after that!” – Male, 27 years-old

“Excellent detailed recommendations.” – Male, 58 years-old

“The information and feedback that I received from Dr. Edman during my 20 minute consultation was more insightful and comprehensive than any information that I have received from all of my allopathic doctors during my adult life!  He was kind, attentive, and very thorough in addressing my blood results as well as the issues that have concerned me for years.  His recommendations are do-able and most of all, he has given me hope that I can and will feel my absolute best very soon!” – Female, 41 years-old

“I really enjoyed my consultation with Dr. Willey. I appreciated his willingness to listen to my questions and provide great insight and direction for the future. I appreciated his ability to explain my test results in terms that I could understand and provide feedback on things I might try based on results I hope to attain. I look forward to talking with him in the future when I come back for a check up in six months to one year. Highly recommended.” – Male, 30 years-old

“Dr Phelps LISTENED. That really is the most important thing. She was interested in my thoughts and my own data that I had about my health and didn’t treat me like a moron as most doctors do. She provided GREAT information and was so kind, polite, and informative. Wonderful experience! Great doctor.” – Female, 41 years-old

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