Paleo in your Blood? One User’s Surprise

How healthy is eating Paleo? When it comes to answering questions, making decisions, and affecting outcomes, we’re unapologetic and relentless about the data – it’s our go-to, and where the truth lies. WellnessFX’ers aren’t the only ones, either.

From activity tracking devices like Fitbit, to calorie and nutrition counting apps like MyFitnessPal, more and more people are understanding that if they have the data, they can control the outcomes and make meaningful change. Why? Because their health data is in their own back pocket and accessible on demand. Armed with that data, and a consultation from either a WellnessFX practitioner or your PCP, you can be empowered to take charge of your health.

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A Paleo Tale

One specific testimonial caught our eye this week: PaleoBlocks, a team of bloggers navigating and sharing their experience with the Paleo and Crossfit lifestyle. In a recent post, first-time WellnessFX user Tom shared something we didn’t expect: Even as a self-professed Crossfit athlete and Paleo dieter, he hadn’t been tracking his biomarkers.

“As Crossfit athletes and Paleo Dieters, we all know the benefit of tracking our results. We’ve got our log books to see how much our workouts and lifts have improved. We take pride when our clothes are too big for our new, leaner bodies. But how do you track your progress for what’s going on inside?”

We agree! When you consider cases like this, and especially extreme ones, like The Biggest Loser’s Rachel Frederickson, the data is key.

In this post, Tom shared his story of starting up eating Paleo again, after a leave of absence:

“We’ve gone back to some of our bad habits. I used “Strength Training” as an excuse to eat anything I wanted. Sure, I got much stronger, but none of the clothes from my Paleo days fit anymore. I was beginning to wonder what effects my crappy “Strength Training” diet was having on my body. So, for my 33rd birthday, I decided to get back on diet and to get serious about CrossFit again.”

“The first thing I wanted to do was get a baseline on my blood. I’ve never actually had a real blood test before. Frankly, I hate going to the doctor and really didn’t want to deal with insurance and getting approval for blood work. Luckily, I found a techie-blood-company out of San Francisco, WellnessFX.”

Within three days of having his blood drawn at a lab, Tom’s results were uploaded to his personal dashboard to reveal, “after months, maybe even a year, of “Strength Training” some of my numbers were in the red. My Cholesterol was high and my Vitamin D low.”

To read the original post from PaleoBlocks and read about Tom’s next steps after learning his results, visit their blog.

Paleo vs. Vegan vs. Everything

In the health and fitness world, there is often contention around which nutrition plan is the healthiest – from Paleo to Vegan, and everything in between.  The reality is that the answer is in the numbers.

Until the data is brought into the light, claims are speculatory. Curious how your nutrition plan measures up? Login to view your Total Health Score. If you’re not a WellnessFX member yet, you can go here to get your free score.




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